Look-Book – Traditional Navratri Makeup

Hey dolls,

Welcome back to my blog after ages quite literally.

As you all know that it was Navratri and I went to play garba over the weekends. So excited to share this look with you all.  I wanted all the attention to my lips and the black tatoos on my face so I kept my eyes and contour very very light.

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MAC EYE SHADOW X 9: BURGUNDY TIMES NINE – Review/Swatches/Demo/Looks

Hey Lovelies,

As I mentioned earlier that I have a plethora of MAC makeup lined up for review. It all started with my love for MAC lipsticks so I started exploring their other products and I was keen on making my own palette of eye shadows. But as we all know that MAC products are quite expensive I wasn’t sure if I should spend so much on single eye shadows when I wasn’t even sure about going bold on my eyes. But God had other plans as MAC came out with this amazing mini eye shadow palettes.

Let’s find out more about it!

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