L’Oreal Color Riche Moist Matte Lipstick Glamor Fuchsia Review & Swatches


Hello Angels,

Today I am going to review the L’Oreal Paris COLOR RICHE MOISTURE MATTE – M511 Glamour Fuchsia. This is my first review ever.

I hope you enjoy it.


L’Oreal Paris COLOR RICHE MOISTURE MATTE – M511 Glamour Fuchsia


A lipstick that delivers intense moisture while providing a velvet matte finish. Colour Riche Moisture Matte’s unique formula contains jojoba oil for unrivalled moisture and comfort along with matte gel technology to create an intense matte look. Velvet matte gel technology is combined with deep pigments and Jojoba oil to give a deep colour pay-off, maintaining ultimate moisture and comfort.


QUANTITY 4.2 gms


The packaging comes in a rose gold tone which feels luxurious and definitely worth 899 INR. It comes with a button which resembles your lipstick shade so it makes easy identifying the colour without having to open it. Overall the packaging looks very classy. The lipstick closes with a nice click and the packaging is very travel friendly. The cap will not come off in your purse as it is quite tight.

I can say this because I have carried this lipstick every day to my office so be sure on this one. 😉


The colour of this lipstick is dark fuchsia and it is more on the purple side rather than pink side which means it is fuchsia pink with a purple undertone. This colour will flatter every skin tone albeit it might be a little bright for the dusky skin. Also if the area around the mouth is little darker, then I suggest to do a little concealing in that area otherwise this colour will highlight the darkness. Ever since I saw Soni Singh in BIGBOSS8 wearing this kind of shade, I was going crazy finding the right colour. One fine day when I went to the mall with no intentions of buying anything I found this shade. * Yay * 🙂 This shade goes very well with Indian as well as western outfits. I love wearing this during Sangeet, brunches and sometimes to office when I am wearing a traditional kurta 😀



As the name says COLOUR RICHE MOIST MATTE it is a moisturising matte lipstick which is rich in colour. It has a slight creamy texture. I stay in Bangalore and the weather here is amazing all the time so this is a perfect lipstick for a day out or night out. Although it says matte, but in really hot temperatures this lipstick tends to melt a little.  So when I went to Gujarat during summers I was not quite happy. The lipstick does not settle in the lip lines in any temperatures so that is a big big positive for me. It tends to break from the bottom, so I suggest to twist only a little for application. If you twist open the entire lipstick for application it surely will break. It can be little drying for dry lips so I suggest to exfoliate your lips and then apply this lipstick.


Pigmentation of this product is really good. There are no complains at all if you apply it correctly. It very well covers dark lips. During application if you apply a little outside the lip line then it is going to look horrifying. So I suggest to lip liner along with this and then fill the inside part of your lips with this lipstick.



The colour of this lipstick stays as it is for 4-6 hours without eating. If you eat oily food or for that matter any food this colour is going to fade and a reapplication is required. The colour fades evenly and it does not look bad even after fading because it leaves a beautiful tint behind. So on the day when you feel like going natural, wear this lipstick, take the access away by using a tissue paper and take on the world with that tint 😉


100% removal requires a make-up remover/oil.


Umm… this has been a question mark to me as well. Sometimes I feel this range is definitely overpriced considering L’Oreal is a drug store brand. On the other hand when I wear this lipstick and see that it is easily available in all the malls I feel the price is justified. So for this range I leave it up to you ladies to decide. Also this product is available on-line with discounts so over all if you get a good deal its worth a steal.


  • Long lasting power
  • Needs lip liner
  • Great pigmentation
  • Perfect for day/night
  • Shade can make or break your look depending on the way you wear it
  • Tends to break from bottom
  • Quite expensive considering a drug store brand
  • Great texture
  • Luxurious packaging
  • Can be drying for dry lips
  • Flakes dry lips if previously lips are not exfoliated.


Definitely worth trying. Go for it.

Happy Dance Happy Dance 🙂 😀


Discounted prices at flipkart on the below link.

Discounted prices at Amazon on the below link.

L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Moist Matte Lip Color, Glamor Fuchsia M511



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