Hello Angels,

So today I am going to write about my husband’s favorite breakfast which eventually became my favorite breakfast.

TADA…… presenting POHA 😀

Ever since I got married my quest for making the perfect Poha has never ended. So as the old saying says TRY TRY UNTIL YOU GET SUCCESS, I started my experiments with Poha preparations.

Yeah the ultimate quest is to satisfy Mr. Right’s hunger pangs on weekends as the breakfast eventually becomes brunch whilst eating. Mind you I had to buy a big KADAI to cook the perfect Poha for the perfect man of my life.

It’s been a year and a half since I got married and now I have perfected the art of making Poha. Thanks to good word of mouth, we now have a CHAI-POHA brunch at my place or a friend’s place every weekend. In my personal opinion nothing beats the combination of a great cup of Chai (Tea) along with Poha.

Hmm I am not very good at writing recipes so I am just gonna share pictures of the ingredients, process and the finished product. Also my poha has a lot of sugar and lemon in it. Well I am a Gujarati so that explains the “lot of sugar” 😛

So here they are.

Soaked Poha
Soaked Poha
Potato, Curry leaves, Chillies, Cumin seeds, Ground nut
Tadka of Potato, Curry leaves, Chillies, Cumin seeds, Ground nut in oil
Finished product
Finished Look of the dish garnished with nylon sev and ratlami sev






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