Review Jovees Anjeer & Carrot Sunblock – SPF 45


Hello Angels,

Usually, we girls tend to spend more on sunscreens as we feel that sunscreen gives the ultimate protection to the skin on daily basis. It does. And sunscreen is something that should be worn every single day without fail. Going by the importance of sunscreen the usual thought process is to reach out for an expensive brand just for the heck of brand. Brands like Lakme, Neutrogena, bioutique etc. are the rulers of drug store brand. And as usual even I reached out to Neutrogena, Nivea and Lakme at first for my sunscreen needs. I was highly disappointed by them. We’ll talk about them later in my stand alone reviews of them.

I also wanted to willingly spend on sunscreen as I love protecting my skin all the time. So I always reach out for an expensive sunscreen.  Usually a brand like Jovees always go unnoticed as there are no over the top advertisements and marketing campaigns I feel.

So how did I land up buying this?

Thanks to impromptu GOA plans I made during this may. And as everyone knows May is not the best time to go GOA as they say “are abhi kitni dhoop hogi ”, “are tu pura tan hoke ayegi”, “baarish ki wajah se kahin nai enjoy kar paoge”, “abe !! abhi jaake kya karegi ?”. So while packing my stuff I realized my Neutrogena and Nivea sunscreens are already getting over and I wanted to buy something asap just in case I go out of sunscreen in Goa. So I just rushed to the chemist store stones throw away from my house and asked for SPF 50 sunscreen. He gave me  Jovees and lakme and I knew I am not going to buy Lakme because I hated it earlier. Damn !! So now I am stuck with some brand I never even heard before.

Thank God !! I was stuck with Jovees. For the first time I tried it in GOA in harsh sun and ladies I love love love it. :*

So without much blabbering lets directly go to the review.


Jovees Anjeer & Carrot Sunblock – SPF 45 (UVA/UVB)


This water based Sun Block developed scientifically using the modern production techniques that help to preserve the integrity of herbs thus ensuring formation of a thin layer over the skin which protects skin from the harmful effects of UVA & UVB rays. This sweat and water proof sun block with SPF 45 will also help improve skin texture & complexion while maintaining the moisture balance.


It comes in a tube form which I personally like ( No reason just like that 😦 ).The packaging is very travel friendly. The cap is tight. Personally my decision to buy things also depends on packaging. I like luxuriously packed products. Jovees sunscreen packaging is very normal looking. It’s not a high end brand so looks wise do not expect much. But the packaging over all is very sturdy.

                           IMG_20150812_205032                         IMG_20150812_204841


QUANTITY 100 gms


The texture is creamy and the consistency is quite thick. As it is a water based sun block the texture is not greasy (My Ghosh !! this reminds me of the Lakme and Nivea sunscreens… Grease Grease Grease). Even though the consistency is thick a little product goes a long way. It does not feel heavy on your skin.

Below is the correct way to apply any skin care product. With this method the skin will not get stretched during the application.

IMG_20150811_123848 IMG_20150811_124005


The aroma is really really really mild and it’s not gonna hurt anyone I am sure. 🙂


This sunscreen has become the Holy Grail product for me since the day I found it. I was amazed at the quality of it. Also it has soothing effect on your skin and it does not irritate your screen. It blocks the tan from sun. Also it is such a relief to know that after application it does not have that white layering effect. Most drug store sunscreens either turn into a white layer on your face or are super greasy.  And the best part about this one is, it is a herbal product 😀  yay.

No Negative points for this sunscreen.


  • Non Greasy
  • Soothing to skin
  • Great consistency
  • Applies evenly on the face
  • No white layer after application – Photographs well
  • Mild aroma – non irritating
  • Completely herbal product
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Easy on pockets
  • Improves skin texture
  • little goes a long way


Go for it without a second thought. I insist try a 50 gms tube and see if you like it.


Discounted price at Flipkart –>

Discounted price at Amazon –> Jovees Anjeer & Carrot Sun Block SPF 45 (50gm)



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