Review Chambor Radiant Touch up concealer


Hello Fellas !!

Today I will be reviewing the CHAMBOR Radiant Touch up Concealer


For the Radiant Quick Fix | Covers dark circles, spots & blemishes | Easily blendable, light, creamy, smooth texture | Promotes luminous, flawless, even skin tone |With emollients, mineral and plan ingredients.




The Chambor Radiant Touch-up Concealer comes in a cylindrical pen, with an applicator attached to the pen. To dispense the concealer, you will require clicking the button on the other end of the pen. The cap closes tightly which makes it travel friendly. The applicator brush is so useful to apply the concealer without messing around your fingers too much.  At first application it requires around 15 to 20 clicks to dispense the product.

IMG_0023 IMG_0024 IMG_0029IMG_0028


It comes in three shades namely Natural 01, Ochre 02 and Ginger 03. Personally I feel 3 shades are too less to offer as a concealer particularly in an Indian cosmetics market.  But you can always try to mix two shades. Having said that I don’t see a reason to do so as there are better drug-store brands available. Shade Natural is very light and pale for my skin tone. Ochre gave me perfect match. My first purchase was in the shade Ochre. This time I wanted something bright for my under eye and I went for the shade Ginger.


The texture of this concealer is little creamy and matte. On application it feels like it will spread easily but once your start to spread out the product it feels like the skin is getting dragged. I use my fingers to blend it in. Ochre blended better as compared to Ginger into my skin. More amount of product is required to build up the coverage as it does not give you full coverage.

IMG_0732 IMG_0735


I was OK with using this concealer in the shade Ochre shade, as it didn’t look like I was wearing a concealer. The case was not similar with Ginger. It settled into the fine lines, dried out the skin after a while in cold weathers and started to look a little cakey.


Make up remover is not required to remove it completely. I use my L’Oreal white perfect facial foam to remove it.


No. Earlier this concealer was available at 650 INR and this price was OK for 3 ml. 775 INR is little more for just 3 ml as Chambor a drug-store brand. I wish they would give at least 5 ml. I don’t know what is up with these drug store brands increasing the price for no reason.


  • Less lasting power
  • Dries out and settles in fine lines
  • less pigmentation
  • OK for everyday use(if you get your exact shade)
  • Limited shades
  • Super sturdy packaging
  • Not so good texture
  • Little pricey for a drug store brand
  • Less quantity
  • Medium blendable


It’s OK to give this one a miss.


Amazon or Flipkart


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