Review – Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish in Twiggy

Yay Yay I am happy and I know it. Thank you Sally  Hansen.

Hello People,

I am back again with another review and never ever in my life I thought I would do a review on nail paints. Reason – I have a habit of biting my nails. Yes!! It is my 28 years of struggle of trying to grow nails. I have been explained, threatened and slapped tight on my face for biting my nails. Yes my mum did that. But even then I didn’t stop. Even during my wedding I tried to grow my nails but they won’t.

I thought of going for acrylic nails so many times but I haven’t heard of any good nail salon that does acrylic nails in Bangalore. Nevertheless, so this time when I went to New York in September, I saw nail salons in every nook and corner and I was so happy that finally I can get acrylic nails while I am still here.

Finally I was searching for a good nail salon that does acrylic nails in downtown Manhattan and I stumbled upon so many reviews of acrylic nails. The aftermath of it, like nail suddenly chipping off from root while trying to open a door or doing something else.  Aaah I am already feeling the pain here…. cos…..Hello!! ……Been there done that while accidentally banging my foot in the door….

Also I feel that, one fine morning suddenly if you have long nails it won’t give you time to be comfortable with them.  Day to day chores and tasks become difficult to do for e.g. typing, Buttoning and unbuttoning your jeans 😉 , washing hair, cooking and the list goes on. Growing nails should be a gradual process so that you get acquainted to doing these chores comfortably. So Acrylic nails – CANCEL.

So I thought of going for gel nails at a salon and started googling. So a normal salon in Manhattan charges up to 30$ to 35$ for a gel manicure. Hmm.. Was it worth spending that much on something that’s going to last up to 10-15 days? Absolutely not.

And finally I got introduced to this amazing product by fellow bloggers…

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail polish and Top Coat

I consulted the MUA at Duane Reade and she told me this has helped her friend grow nails as even she couldn’t resist biting her nails. In my mind I was like Ya !! Like nail paints can ever do this.

Setting aside negativity I decided to give this one a try and get done with it. So I wanted something very neutral yet bright color so that I can wear to office every day.  Finally I picked up the color Twiggy ❤

Now let’s get on to the review.


2 Steps | Up to 14 Days of Color & Shine | Easy Removal | No Light Needed | The Next Best Thing to a Salon Gel Manicure!


The consistency of this nail paint is thicker than the usual nail polish and that’s justified because this is a GEL nail polish. It requires you to apply it very softly otherwise it is going to streak. But the streaks go away once you apply the top coat. So it is must to have the top coat. The top coat makes it streak free and shiny like salon gel nails. They say you have to apply two coats of paint and one coat of top coat. So a good drying time is required in between all the three coats. I was perfecting the application by 3rd use. This product comes in more than 61 shades. Believe me it is actually difficult to pick one 😦

The product claims that the gel will stay up to 14 days but in my case it stayed up to 9 to 10 days without chipping. If it chips off before a week means you did not give sufficient time to dry in between coats. But I also noticed that the color faded from the tip of the nail but that’s the case with all nail paints.

Honestly, it does look like you have gel nails. They look amazing. I am actually tempted to buy more colors in this range. Also it feels like the nails are quite thick after application and this thing made me not bite my nails. They looked so shiny and neat that I didn’t feel like biting at all. My nails earlier were brittle, thin and rough on the front edges and now they are smooth and strong. I definitely notice that my nails have gotten little stiff unlike before and they are growing at a better pace unlike before. But again that’s just me I guess.

It is definitely a different product from usual nail polishes. The look and feel is also different.

I absolutely love love love it.


Go for it. Do not give this one a miss.


Buy other shades on Flipkart –> Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure 15 ml

Buy other shades on Amazon –> Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Limited Edition Morning, Sunshine! Morning Sunshine .5 Oz

Buy other shades on NYKAA


Ok so my nails were really really bad cos of biting. So to me a little improvement is also an achievement.  Also I am new to applying nail paints on my hand fingers so spare me the paint going here and there 🙂

Before                                                                After



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