USA – NYC City of Dreams – First Vibes

Hello lovelies,

I spent some 8 weeks in New York City in fall and while I am writing this, I am still here.  So when I got to know that I might have to go to the US for work, my mind started thinking all kinds of things that I always knew about NYC “Empire State Building – Times Square – Statue of Liberty – Manhattan – Rockefeller Center – Friends (TV Show) – H & M – IKEA – SEPHORA – MAKEUP –etc. etc.”. I literally phased out after that and I couldn’t hear anymore. I was in my own dreams of visiting all the places and buying super fabulous makeup, clothes, handbags & watches.

when i shop

I used to watch GOSSIP GIRL during 2011-2012 and always wondered if upper east side/Manhattan is really the way they show? Like are there really any Blair Waldorfs and Serena Vanderwoodsen? Sigh………… the clothes and accessories they put on…… I know right…!!


OH…. Let’s stop the imaginations…

So after a 22 hour flight and all jet lagged I reached the city of dreams – The New York City. Getting back to Manhattan, the firm that I work for booked an apartment for me in downtown Manhattan, in “The Downtown Club”. It was built in 1930 and is one of the oldest buildings of NYC. I was blown away when I entered the apartment on 44th floor and caught the view of New Jersey. I was like, is this a dream? Am I really in the poshest area of NYC, in one of the oldest buildings, on 44th floor catching fantastic view of Hudson River, statue of liberty and New Jersey?  This is like living the dream.

The dark brown building is the The downtown club.

downtown club


TDC - Entrance

TDC View (2) TDC View (5) TDC View (4) TDC View (3)

Hudson River, Statue of liberty & New Jersey during day time, sunset & night from the apartment.

TDC Day time view (1) TDC Day time view (2)

TDC sunset view (1) TDC sunset view (4)

TDC View (1)

If this was living a dream then I had to wait until I step into my office building in the financial district. Whoaaa… Ever since I got myself in to finance stream, I dreamt of working in the financial district with all those high fashion clothes and heels. And you guys, this is it. I got a tini tiny chance to do that. At the moment there is nothing that I regret about studying finance lol 😉

So this was my feel of the city in the first week of my stay.

I can’t wait to share the amazing shopping and site seeing experiences with you all.

Till then have a lovely time….




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