Summer in my plate – 1

( Watermelon, Kiwi, Apple )
Summer in my plate ( Watermelon, Kiwi, Apple )

Hello Angels,

As summer is getting hotter and hotter these days I am finding out ways to keep myself cool. Sure there are ways with sunscreen, scarfs and sunglasses but I strongly believe altering your diet is gonna make the change.

Generally during summers the body heat increases and it aggravates the acid in the stomach. This makes one sloppy and lethargic. And you don’t want that right ? Specially during lunch time. Yeah we all been through that sleepy feeling after finishing our Amritsari kulche, aloo parathas, dahi wade, gobi aloo , dal makhnis, chicken biryanis, pizzas and much more. 👿 laughing on my left shoulder.

This weekend I decide to swap at least one of my typical Indian meal with a platter which is healthy and beneficial in these summery months. So in general I will be writing about food and ways that keeps your body cool.

This beautiful pop of colors on my plate today inspired me to start this series here.

Watermelon, Kiwi and good old Apple 😀

Let’s see what benefits we get out of each of them. 🙄

These 3 having very high pH is very good for people having acid reflex or having acidic stomach in general.

summer in my plate

That’s all for today.

Have you already felt the benefits of these zesty fruits ? Share your comments below.


Disclaimer – I am not a doctor or a certified nutritionist. All the views and opinions expressed and shared here are solely on personal experience. Things that works on me might not work on you or someone else. It is always advisable to go to a professional doctor for any health queries and problems.


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