ESPA Bergamot jasmin a hint of cedarwood

Hey Guys,

Today I am going to review this amazing range of bath and body from ESPA LONDON. I first used them when I stayed in Atlantis, The palm Hotel in Dubai. Since then I totally fell in love with the ESPA products. I have used other products from them but I think this is my favourite out of the lot. This is the BERGAMOT JASMINE & A HINT OF CEDAR WOOD range. I picked up the full size bottles from their spa in Atlantis after I got a chance to try the miniature ones in the hotel. So let’s get straight to the review.

Fragrance – Aaahhh… The fragrance from this range screams bergamot and jasmine fragrance. It immediately calms and soothes your mood. The aroma is just incredible. At first it feels overpowering but when you use it, it goes down a little so that solves the problem. Personally I like to use bath products that have natural fragrance in it. So if you are looking for something like this then this range from ESPA London is perfect for you.

Shampoo – I have got to tell you my hair never felt so luxurious. I don’t even know if you can call your hair luxurious but hey that’s what I felt after using this shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo is light and not very foaming. It does the job of cleansing your hair well. The hair feels squeaky clean after every wash.

Conditioner – The conditioner has a very thick creamy consistency. It is less aromatic than the shampoo but it leaves your hair soft and fragrant. 😀 The hair looks good even without using styling products.

Body wash – Ohhh myyy Gawd….. This thing is so amazing. You need a tiniest amount to lather up the whole body. It leaves the skin feeling silky and soft. I think this would be the perfect formula for dry as well as oily skin. And it is so aromatic that it makes the bathing experience rich and luxurious.

I ran out of the full size bottles and I am struggling really hard to get my hands on, on them in India.For some of you who want to pick up their products the best way is to walk in The Leela Palace. Leela palace has a tie up with ESPA and all the Leela palace hotels offer ESPA salon and spa in their hotels. So this is the best way to get genuine products.

These products come in a little pricey but I swear you need the tiniest amount of product for use. So that makes them long lasting.

Going by my experience I seriously recommend getting hands on these little bad boys.
That’s all for today. Have you tried ESPA products yet? Share your comments below.



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