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upasana kanani

Well hello ladies,

I took some time off and thought of writing about these two very amazing hair styling products from Toni & Guy. Often we got for a movie, hang out with friends, go for dine outs, brunches etc. etc. So during these times I like to keep my makeup and hair very casual, natural and minimalistic. Today we will talk about hair styling and how to style them using these two amazing Toni & Guy products yet giving them a natural look.

Toni & Guy offers all products categorized in to 4 ranges as below:-
1. Prep
2. Casual
3. Classic
4. Glamour

I am not into very hardcore styling of hair as of now so I picked up the heat protection mist from prep range and a texturizing spray from casual range. Let’s talk about them little bit.

1. Heat Protection Mist
As the name says it is a mist and not a spray, so it is not as concentrated as a heat protecting spray. The packaging is cute and classy but I am not a fan of the spritzing pump in this one, Hurts my finger :(. Overall this one is definitely a good buy. It comes in a 150 ml spritz bottle. The smell of this one is aquatic and does not linger after a while. It can be applied on damp or dry hair before styling (straightening, curling etc.). Either you can spritz it on the hair directly or spritz it in palms and run through the lengths of hair. Personally I prefer spritzing on palms method. It does protect you hair up from heat generated during the styling. It does not leave any residue on the hair and once dry, the styled hair is smooth, soft and little bit shiny as well. I use this one for a day out even when I am not styling just to give a good layer of protection to my hair from sun as well. It is definitely worth purchasing.

Priced at 750 INR.

Where to Buy

Discounted prices at Amazon

Toni and Guy heat protection mist

2. Sea salt texturizing spray
OK so my husband got his thinking it will give a good hold to his spike but unfortunately this is not a holding spray but a texturizing spray. The packaging comes in a very cool light ocean green color bottle which reminds me of the beach and beach waves hair :D. It smells incredible but again the smell does not last longer. It comes in 200 ml spray bottle. The packaging is travel friendly. I prefer this mechanism of spraying as it gives a nice coverage while spraying on hair. We all have been there where the hair is flat on the top of your hair and all you want is some volume and texture. This is the best product to get some volume and texture. Spray it on the roots of your hair and massage gently and voilaaaaaa instant volume. It can also hold soft beach waves or straightened hair. It can tame the frizz as well. It is non sticky and does not leave residue on the hair.

So many good things in one spray!!!!! I can conquer the ocean with my beach waves after I discovered this. I strongly suggest getting this one. It is my absolute favorite.
Thank you husband for this accidental purchase 😉

Price at 1050 INR.

Where to Buy

Discounted prices at Amazon

Toni and Guy sea salt texturizing spray

Both these products will last you for a very long time. I used both these products in one of my makeup looks. I did a side parted beach waves hair and believe me you guys my hair was in place feeling soft and not like a broom (which is true in most hair spray cases). You can check out the below picture.

upasana kanani

I am really looking forward to buy the shine spray from Toni & Guy.
Toni & Guy ❤

Have you tried any of the Toni & Guy products ? Leave your suggestions and comments below.


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