Understanding Primers

Hello my beautiful friends,

Today we will talk about PRIMERS.  What do they do, who needs them and where can you get them?

The key to a great makeup is a great foundation base. No matter how good your eye makeup or lipstick is, if the foundation is not sinking in to your skin perfectly then all is in vain. You can use the most expensive brand of foundation base but it can still go wrong if you don’t have a primer going on.

Below is the list of problems that most of us face with our foundations.

  1. Streaky foundation lines
  2. Highlighted open Pores
  3. Accentuated fine lines
  4. Redness around nose/eyes/mouth
  5. Foundation turning grey around mouth and under eyes
  6. Dark circles accentuating after some time
  7. Pale looking skin
  8. Flaky skin on dry areas of face
  9. Melting makeup after some time

I changed my drugstore foundations so many times to solve these issues but nothing worked.  Then I finally went to mac store and got Mac Mineralize for a whopping 3200 INR for 30 ml. Guess what, no luck with this as well. Then I pushed myself to try even more expensive brand like Lancôme. I bought Lancôme’s Miracle cushion foundation which cost me around 3000 INR for 15 ml, almost double the price of Mac Mineralize. Yes you guess it right, even this failed to give me the look I wanted.  So one fine day on my quest to buy the skin perfecting foundation, I stumbled upon this world of skin perfecting PRIMERS 😀

What are primers and what do they do?

Primers are basically skin perfecting products that are applied before the makeup. Primers have glycerine as their main ingredient and it plays a major role in making your makeup long lasting. Different types of primers are available to solve the above listed products.  Let’s check out how to find that perfect primer for your need.

Steps to finding that perfect primer.

How to select a perfect primer for your skin ?

Of the above lot, my favourite ones are makeup forever hydrating/nourishing primer and Estee lauder illuminating primer.

To find the correct primer to your skin is an art. It takes time. I have had my own hits and misses for many months now. In the end when you find that perfect primer for yourself, you will realize it was totally worth spending all the time, energy and money. Primers give you that flawless foundation face you have been wishing for and your makeup lasts for a long time.

How to use a primer?

Cleanse your face –> Apply moisturizer and let it sit for 5 minutes –> Apply primer and blend it well into your skin –> Apply foundation –> you have a perfect canvas 🙂

At last I would like to end this post with a saying from Napolean Perdis “Not to prime is a crime”. And Oh God is he right on point. Primers have totally changed my foundation game.

Have you tried any primers yet? What is your secret to perfect foundation? Leave me an email if you have any questions related to primers, foundations or anything else on upasana.kanani@gmail.com . Leave your comments below.



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