Look-Book – Fresh Faced / Everyday Makeup – Ideal for summer / Office!

Fresh everyday summer office makeup look

Hi Dolls,

Some of my friends requested me to do a very simple, fresh everyday makeup look. So I decided to do something which is very very simple yet pretty using very less products. This look can be worn to a brunch, to office, to a dinner, or to a movie date or for that matter anywhere and everywhere.  Also, some of you requested me to do a step by step makeup with pictures in my post so here it is.

Name of the look: – Fresh Faced / Everyday Makeup – Ideal for summer / Office!

Bare Face

Step 1 – As this look is for every day, I prefer to use a spf before starting with the makeup. For this I choose my good old Jovees Sunscreen. If you would like to read a review on this sunscreen then please click HERE.

Step 2 – Next I am taking my Chambor radiant touch up foundation mixed with Mac face and body to apply all over my face to get that even and fresh skin tone.

Step 3 – As I have under eye dark circles, I will use an orange concealer from Mac select moisture cover range. If you do not have dark circles, then you can totally skip this step.

Step 4 – On daily basis and during day time you want to keep things matte. As both my foundations are little dewy I will use a setting powder from Sephora 8 HR compact range. This will help your foundation stay longer and in place. See the shine reducing in first picture below.

Step 5 – Moving on to the eyebrows. I am a big fan of natural eyebrows, so I am just doing a touch up on some places where I feel my eyebrow hairs are sparse.  For this I am using eyebrow pencil from No. 7.

Step 6 – Although I am totally obsessed with winged liners, on some days I just want bare eyes and don’t feel like working on eyeliners and kajals much. For this look I will totally skip the liner and the kajal and will directly move on to non-water proof mascara from lakme eyeconic. I do not recommend waterproof mascara for daily wear as personally it makes my eyes feeling heavy.

Step 7 – No look is complete without a flush of color on the cheeks. For daily wear you want to keep things minimalistic. I am using the Sephora blush here with a very light hand.

Step 8 – Moving on to my favorite part THE LIPS. I will go with my favorite combo i.e. Mac “Mehr” + Rimmel exaggerate lip liner in the shade “You are all Mine”. You can use any lip color here depending on the occasion. As I was doing this look keeping in mind summer and office I choose the naturally pink colors from Mac and Rimmel.

Step 9 – As we want this makeup look to survive the hot summery months and the peak office hours 9 to 5, we will go ahead and set it using a makeup spray. For this I will use Mac Fix+Spray.

Step 10 – An attractive simple hair style.

Fresh everyday summer office makeup

You are ready to rock your everyday / Summer / fresh / office makeup look.

Do you have a makeup routine? Feel free to share your pictures, tips and tricks in the comments section below.

Which makeup look would you like to see next ? Leave your comments below.


P.S. Sorry about the picture quality as it was not taken in proper light and without a professional camera. The last one is using the professional camera in day light. For the next look I will make sure to use a professional camera so that the pictures are more clear.


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