Review/Demo – Real Techniques Stippling Brush

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Today let’s talk about the real techniques stippling brush. When I started getting myself into makeup, I bought two brushes 1. Konad foundation brush 2. Real techniques stippling brush.

I bought the konad one thinking it will give me heavy coverage but it utterly failed. You can check out the entire review HERE. At the same time I also got a stippling brush as I wanted something to give me a very very light coverage on days where I want my foundation to be just like skin. I came across upon this brand called Real Techniques. I checked out their website and so many other reviews. It has a lot of buzz among the beauty and makeup bloggers, so I decided to give this one a try.

Product Claims – Our dual-fibre stippling brush is the trade secret for applying your makeup with airbrushed result, bristle types and lengths distribute product for a feathery finish, ideal for liquid or cream finishing product.

My Thoughts – This brush comes in a very classy yet girly packaging. it has pink metallic accents with a rubber tail. The flat bottom gives it a nice surface to stand  on its own. It comes in a plastic case which is a useful to keep the brush in shape during travelling.


The brush has dual fibres meaning, there are short black and long white fibres which helps to give that airbrushed finish. The fibres are so good they blend the foundation like dream and do not waste product at all. The size of the application surface is interesting in particular. Big enough to cover the entire face in seconds and small enough to reach difficult parts of face like under eyes, near nose etc.  Sometimes I use this for my blush or for my contour when I want a concentrated finish on my face. The brush size is just perfect. All real techniques brushes are cruelty free and made from 100% synthetic fibers. The bristles  do not shed at all for this one.

Getting into coverage and to understand the use of this brush, let us first learn what stippling is? To stipple is to paint a surface in dots or short strokes. So as the name suggests, this brush picks up the foundation into its bristles and when you dab it on the face it gives an array of short dots of foundation, which then is ready to be blended into the skin. Once the product is dotted on the skin using this brush, go on in circular motion to blend the foundation. With these circular motion, you can easily conceal and fill those pores.

Priced at 10$ in the US and in the range of 700 to 900 INR in India, this brush is a real bargain. I absolutely suggest all of you to get it 🙂

Where to Buy

Although AMAZON is their legal partner to sell in India, it is also available in FLIPKART with a much better bargain. Check out their list of selling partners in India on their website or Where to buy real techniques brushes.

Amazon –> Real Techniques Stippling Brush

A small demo 🙂

Have you tried any of the real techniques brushes? Leave your comments below.




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