Real Techniques Powder Brush – Review/Demo

Real Techniques Powder Brush - Review/Demo

Hey Ladies,

Welcome to another brush review. This time it is the Real Techniques powder blush.

As you all must have known by now that I love to use real techniques brushes for everyday makeup. So I did not hesitate to buy another one from them.

Product Claims – Our powder brush has a plush large head for sheer application and smooth, high definition results

>get the ideal dusting of makeup

>ideal for powder and mineral foundations

My Thoughts – YESSSS 🙂 Does what it claims.

This brush like any other RT brush comes in a semi hard plastic case which is sturdy enough to keep the bristles in shape during travel and other wise. This one particularly comes in a golden metallic finish with the name of brush written over it, which gives it a chic and classy look at the same time.It comes with a flat rubber base so that it can stand easily on its own 🙂

Real Techniques Powder Brush - Review/Demo

Real Techniques Powder Brush - Review/Demo

So I was done with using one of those applicators that come along with the setting powders, as they made my face and makeup look cakey and powdery. So I realized I need something fluffy enough to dust the powder to set the makeup on. The bristles of this brush come in a dome shape and fluffy enough to dust the powder for setting. This is a dual fiber brush which means a very even and soft application. No pokey feelings 😀  They pick up the right amount of product and set the makeup perfectly without making it look cakey or powdery. The bristles do not shed at all while washing or applying the product.

All real techniques brushes are cruelty free and made from 100% synthetic fibers. The bristles do not shed at all for this one.

Priced at 10$ in the US and in the range of 600 to 900 INR in India, this brush is a real bargain. If you a beginner not wanting to spend on expensive brushes then go for real techniques brushes 🙂

Where to Buy

Although AMAZON is their legal partner to sell in India, it is also available in FLIPKART with a much better bargain. Check out their list of selling partners in India on their website or Where to buy real techniques brushes.

Amazon –>  real Techniques Powder Brush

Have you tried any of the real techniques brushes? Leave your comments below.



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