Kara Make Up Removal Facial Wipes With Seaweed And Lavender – Review/Demo

kara makeup remover wipes with seaweed and lavender

Hey Lovelies,

I recently did a Nykaa haul and I wanted to do a haul blog post but I could not wait to share my views on this product. So let’s get started.

Name of the product – Kara Makeup Removal Wipes with Seaweed and Lavender

kara makeup remover wipes with seaweed and lavender

I usually don’t use wipes to clean my face but I use wipes to remove my makeup superficially and then I use a good cleanser to remove the residue. So I ordered Kara makeup removal facial wipes as I feel Kara is quite an established brand and I have spotted people using their facial wipes.

Product Claims – Kara Make Up Removal Facial Wipes

Fragrance: Seaweed extract & Lavender
These wipes ensure that the skin gets its nourishment and moisture while the make-up is being removed.
100% natural and Biodegradable, thus environmentally friendly
25 wipes (pulls) in a pack, Self Life-24 Months

My Thoughts

It has a pleasant lavender fragrance. The wipes are made up of viscose material so they are not quite sturdy. It gets torn out if a little pressure is applied, so it requires a really gentle hand. The moment I pulled out a wipe I felt it was very flimsy. Now coming to the main point of review.

Contrary to what it claims, it neither removes makeup nor does it provide any nourishment to the skin. It is by far the worst makeup remover/wipes I have ever used. I used it on MAC face and body foundation which I feel is the lightest foundation ever. It couldn’t even remove that completely. No performance on eye shadows and liquid lipsticks as well. It was no where close to removing waterproof mascara. It dried my skin out and irritated my eyes as well. Even after rinsing my eyes with water for so many times it kept stinging.

Below is the demo of this product. The swatches in order are  L’Oreal Pure Rouge lipstick , NYX Suede liquid lipstick in Vintage, YSL Kajal & Maybelline voluminous waterproof mascara. In the second picture clockwise, I pressed the wipe for a good 3 to 4 seconds and wiped on the products and then did same thing again in the third picture. As you can see that it works partially on the lipstick, lip color and kajal but I cannot see any effect on the waterproof mascara. In the fourth picture I literally rubbed the wipe like multiple times and you can still see the mascara. Considering usually one does not apply this amount of pressure while removing makeup these are wipes are the worst wipes ever.

kara makeup remover wipes with seaweed and lavender

Final Verdict – Not buying this product ever again and recommending not to buy this product. But if it works for you go ahead and buy this at a good bargain from Amazon.

Amazon –> Kara Make Up Removal Facial Wipes – Viscose Fibre – Seaweed Extract & Lavender – 25Pcs

Have you tried the Kara wipes yet ? Please leave your thoughts below.



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