11 Top reasons to shop at Nykaa – Review


Hello Beauties,

I have been on a search for good skin care products off late for a couple of months. Up until now I haven’t really been concerned about parabens and sulphates and alchohol content of my skin care products. But about 2 to 3 months back it was time for me to order some good affordable skin care, I thought why not go the paraben free way this time and see how it turns out ? So I naturally went on Nykaa and started searching for my requirements. All my products have arrived and I have been using them for quite a long time now.

To tell you a fact, I am not much of Online shopping kind of person when it comes to makeup and beauty products. I like to personally go to the store try out and feel the product before I make my purchase. So I use to go to individual brand stores and outlets like health and glow. But what I found annoying was, the brand representatives will not show or let you try what you have in mind. Instead they keep on pushing the products that they want to sell. I don’t get my space and freedom to browse through products that I want to try out. Which is like the whole point of going to the stores. So I kept browsing through several online shopping sites but ultimately I landed up at Nykaa every single time.Even today when I wanted to order a few things I ended up ordering from Nykaa. So that made me write this post. I have been happy with the whole experience of shopping from Nykaa and I thought I will share it with you all. Below are the few reasons why I end up shopping at Nykaa.

  1. Huge range of products from Makeup, skin, hair, bath & body, fragrance, mom & baby, wellness, herbal and luxury. It is a one stop destination for all your beauty needs.
  2. Good suggestions of the latest trends, how to use a product, beauty book etc
  3. Domestic & International, Drugstore & High end brands.
  4. A  Men’s section . So if you are looking for men’s grooming, beauty or health product  for your man then voila… Nykaa at your service.
  5. OFFERS – Now I write this in caps because I have found some very good deals HERE. know there are deals on other websites as well but I have found better deals at Nykaa. Sometimes you get a free product on some minimum order. Flat off on many brand like currently they have 30% off Maybelline.
  6. Reward system – 2000 points on registration. 100 points on asking a valid question about a product. 100 points on writing a review about a product. It doesn’t hurt to have 20 25 Rs discount on your 500 Rs order. Isn’t it ?
  7. That brings us to point 7. Unlike other website there are no big limits on your minimum order. The minimum order is 500 Rs which is like minimal when it comes to beauty and makeup shopping. So you easily fulfil that requirement.
  8. Gift Cards – You can buy a gift card and gift it to your dear one if she is a makeup buff. I mean I would love it if someone gifts me a  Nykaa shopping experience 🙂 hahaha
  9. Claims of 100% genuine products. I agree to it. Never ever have I felt that the product is fake. So you can be sure of your orders of International brands and the high end domestic ones.
  10. This reason might be specific to me but I found the navigation of the website and everything very user friendly. Personally I do not like certain website user interface but this one I just love.
  11. Get all your queries answered on point in the Q & A section.

I will soon be posting my Nykaa Haul post. Watch out this space for more.

Have you shopped from Nykaa yet ? Share your experience in the comments section.









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