This is a personal blog written by me unless stated otherwise. All the information and reviews provided on this blog are 100% honest. Although all the opinions, views and reviews expressed on this blog might not suit everyone. To take the inference and conclusion on any product should solely be your responsibility. All the products that I review and showcase on this blog are possessed and owned by me and I currently use them. Also bear in mind that the products that suit me might not suit you. The prices mentioned in my blog might not be the latest price of the product and it might differ from time to time. I will mention the price in which I purchased the product.

As of now I do not get any products for review purposes. However I will mention in future if I tie up with any brand or review the product solely for the brand. In any case this information will be mentioned in the post.

If you wish to use any content of the blog in form of writing, images, style etc please contact me at upasana.kanani@gmail.com.

All comments on this blog are moderated and any comment meant to attack the author or a fellow reader will be not be approved. Comments are meant for healthy discussion and debate. So let’s refrain from posting spam or unpleasant/hurtful comments and make this blog a good place to be.

No information of the readers in any form will be shared to other source without their consent.

Happy reading 🙂


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